Welcome to a world where traders, artists, collectors, musicians and others can trade NFTs in a fully decentralized environment using our exclusive NFTY Coins and other popular cryptocurrencies as well!

NFTY Space

NFTY Space will be used as the payment coin for transaction fees related to coins, tokens and NFTs, and also for minting NFTs or tokens on the NFTY chain. It may also be traded with other tokens in the NFTY Wallet, Website and Portal, and can be staked in the NFTY Wallet. NFTY SPACE coin will also be used in yield farming.


NFTY Time will be used as the reward coin that users earn when they engage in yield farming their NFTY SPACE coin. NFTY TIME coin also acts as a highly collectible, high-demand, low-supply coin that can be traded with other tokens in the NFTY ecosystem, using our innovative NFTY Portal, Website or Wallet.


NFTY Motion is the governance coin of the NFTY ecosystem and will be gifted to NFTY TIME hodlers as a reward, giving them governance rights over the NFTY Portal project’s future decisions. It is also a collectible, high-demand, low-supply coin that can be traded in the NFTY ecosystem using the NFTY Portal, Website or Wallet.

Welcome to the


Come and join the NFTY Portal project’s NFTYnauts as they embark on an exciting adventure into blockchain technology.


adventure begins

Our laborious NFTYnauts launch their NFTY rocket, venturing into the endless depths of SPACE, creating and building new products way out of this world. Now is the TIME to get onboard with this ground breaking trio. Set the boosters in MOTION and blast off into the galaxy.

Current Issues in Crypto & NFT Markets

  • Traders have to wait lengths of time for transactions of slow chains that either are not scalable or are highly congested.
  • Traders of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are forced to use different exchanges and marketplaces in order to buy, sell, swap, trade, mint or gift their coins, tokens or NFTs.
  • Cryptocurrency traders currently have to select from different platforms to interact with different chains.
  • NFT minters pay a third party /marketplace to store their data used in initial mint transaction, and then also pay external marketplaces to gain access to their own data to trade on those external marketplaces.
  • NFT minters then post a link to their data in socials, and interested buyers click the link, and are taken to the marketplace to view the artists work, then pay the marketplace a fee to purchase, but still do not take control of the stored data.
  • High fees for traders and artists minting, sending, buying, selling.
  • Plus many more issues faced daily by users…



  • Dynamic Chain

  • scalable blocks expand or shrink as required to cope with demand
  • millions of transactions per second
  • side chains operate without adding demand to main chain.
  • Universal Chain

  • allows coins/tokens minted on NFTY to wrap with any other chain
  • allows any other chain to be integrated into the NFTY Portal
  • On-chain Data Storage

  • data during mint process stored on-chain with transaction id
  • Direct Display

  • provides the ability to display your TX id on Socials, linking directly to the minted NFT
  • Security

  • safest and most secure chain in crypto



NFTY Portal is the ultimate decentralized exchange allowing users to interact with unlimited chains and many dex, whether it be for NFTs, coins or tokens in complete safety and security. No more logging into a centralized exchange to swap a coin and then sending to a number of decentralized exchanges to trade… all can be done from the NFTY Portal — not just coins or tokens but also the world changing NFTs.

  • All-in-one DEX combining cryptocurrency trading and NFT marketplace
  • Mint NFTs directly from NFTY Desktop Wallet
  • NFTY Desktop Wallet linked to NFTY Portal
  • NFTY Web Wallet linked to NFTY Portal
  • Higher fees percentage from sales directly to NFT artist
  • Lower minting fees for tokens and NFTs
  • Interact with any chain for cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Decentralize NFTs
  • Plus more features in development


NFTY Desktop Wallet

NFTY Desktop Wallet (currently available for Windows) is the safest place to store your NFTY coins, tokens and NFTs. Features like NFT Minting, Staking, Masternodes, IM (Instant encrypted messaging), Token Minting and much more set the NFTY desktop wallet apart from any other.

Also, its ability to advertise directly onto Twitter and other social media pushes the boundaries of the crypto universe.

NFTY Web Wallet

NFTY Web Wallet allows anyone with access to a web browser the ability to create an online wallet and NFTY address to send and receive NFTY coins, tokens and NFTs. This feature is great for individuals around the world who do not have access to a pc or laptop or want to have access to their NFTY on the go.

NFTY Web Wallet additional features will include a browser extension which has the ability to trade and store NFTs, coins and tokens from different platforms.


Q1 2021

  • Project Start
  • Desktop Wallet (Windows) Creation

Q2 2021

  • Blockchain Building
  • Litepaper
  • Genesis Block Creation
  • Website, first version
  • NFTY Web Wallet

Q3 2021

  • Website finish
  • Whitepaper
  • NFTY Portal (Windows Version)

Q4 2021

  • Launch of NFTY platform
  • NFTY Portal (Mac Version)


  • NFTY Portal Wallet iOS/Android


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